Culturel (5)

The logo of the ISF is presented in a figurative and symbolic context. Its oval line, which skirts the logo, symbolizes the movement in and the attraction by the ISF. The two figurines represent a boy and a girl who enroll in the movement.

The 5 small squares (black –  red – green – yellow – blue) represent all inhabitants of the world. The sixth little square (white) represents the opening and the broadmindedness of the ISF. We could say that it is an empty chair for an unexpected guest at the table during a meal. Whatever the color of skin, wherever the place where someone is living, whatever the difference in religion and in customs, the youth brings a multiple wealth through its differences and its diversity.

Violet is the color of temperance, composed on an equal proportion of red and blue. Violet symbolizes the balance between the sense and the spirit, the passion and the intelligence, love and wisdom, lucidity and considered action.