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Educational Games

It’s a wrap for ISF Educational Games 2017! The 4th Educational Games organized by International School Sport Federation... Read more
The Educational Games were staged for the third time – over the last week of April. Indeed, the Educational Games concluded... Read more
The Games were staged for the second time – 12 months on from them in the first Games. Organising committee from the... Read more
The Educational Games is an ISF event fairly different from all other World Schools Championships; of what do the... Read more
ISF World School Sport Educational Games will be organised on May 2015, for the second time, in Greece. A week full of sport... Read more
Event Date Country City # Countries
18/04/2018 GRC
Athens - Olympia
31/03/2017 GRC
Athens 6 Countries
31/03/2017 GRC
Athens & Ancient Olympia 6 Countries