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The showpiece of ISF. A remarkable opportunity for students to participate individually in an event. Besides the traditional sports, athletics, gymnastics and swimming, other sports will be added to the program (judo, karate, chess …). This top event takes place every four years, and brings together more than 2,000 participants. Make sure you are on of them.


  • Mega international multisports event
  • Including 12 sports
  • Every 2 years
  • 4000 participants


Last news

Olympians once in our Gymnasiades

Olympic 2016 is about to end, but the names of many athletes will be forever supporters’ mind. Participating in Olympics is a proof of hard training and talents, from early stage in schools to professional carreer. Did you know that many of Olympians’ names were once in in ISF championships records? ISF championships are home for talents. ISF is working… View Article

The ISF Gymnasiade 2016 chapter has been written

Trabzon – The ISF Gymnasiade 2016 has successfully come to an end. However, regarding it only as a sports event would be a great injustice – it reached far beyond it. Besides the competition, the young athletes were meeting new people, making new friendships and getting to know different cultures. The important part also belonged… View Article

New culture, new friendship

Trabzon – ISF Gymnasiade 2016 is not only about sport, but also about creating new friendships, gaining new experiences and getting to know different cultures. The athletes are giving their best from the beginning of the competition. On Friday, they took a well deserved day off to attend “Cultural day”. They visited many of historical… View Article