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21.05-29.05 Prague, Czech Republic

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Does a school without a football team exist? In most of the ISF countries football competitions are an annual returning top event at schools. ISF offers school football teams the chance to compete with other school teams from all over the World.

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Draw ‘results ISF WSC Football 2017

Today, on February 22th, the draw of the next ISF World Schools Championship Football 2017 has been released. The event took place at the headquarter of the Czech Football Association in Prague in presence of 50 persons and national press and TV representatives. The following officials including ISF President – Laurent Petrynka, Mr Vaclav Lesanovsky – Czech School… View Article

ISF meets FIFA in Zurich

On February 3, the ISF President Mr. Laurent Petrynka, accompanied by Mr.  Hrvoje Custonja, National Director of the Croatian School Sport Federation and ISF Executive Committee member and Mr. Josip Kosutic, President of the ISF Futsal Technical Commission, met the FIFA Deputy Secretary General of Football, Mr. Zvonimir Boban, at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich…. View Article

The Youth warmed up for Euro 2016

From 29th May to 06th June, the city of Lille and Lens were the focal points of “Euro Schools Football” Championship 2016 organised in cooperation with UNSS (French School Sport Union), ISF (International School Sport Federation), UEFA Foundation for Children and the FFF (French Football Federation). All along the week, 1000 young people coming from… View Article

Youth gets ready for Euro 2016

In June, all the football fans will have their heart beating for their favorite national football team participating in Euro2016 in France. From 29th May to 05th June, few days before Euro2016, 1000 young boys and girls coming from 22 countries will get the best of themselves on the football pitches for the Euro Schools Football Championship 2016… View Article

Draw result for School Football Euro 2016

29th March, the draw for the School Football Euro 2016 has been organized at Louvre, Lens (France) with the presence of Mr. Laurent Petrynka, President of ISF, Mr. Jacques Lambert, President of SAS Euro 2016 and Mr. Pascal Torres, Secretary General of UEFA Foundation for Children. Especially, two well-known French football players, Rio Mavuba and… View Article