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20.04-25.04 Budapest, Hungary

Swimming is a major sport that is often introduced to students by the school. It took quite some time for ISF to launch a competition amongst schools. The number of participating schools rises year after year since ISF launched the first competition event in Antwerp in 1998.


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Olympians once in our Gymnasiades

Olympic 2016 is about to end, but the names of many athletes will be forever supporters’ mind. Participating in Olympics is a proof of hard training and talents, from early stage in schools to professional carreer. Did you know that many of Olympians’ names were once in in ISF championships records? ISF championships are home for talents. ISF is working… View Article

School Sport recognized at its highest level in France

ISF World School Champions from France with French President On Saturday, the French World School Champions of Football, Basketball, Orienteering and Swimming were invited to the Élysée Palace to meet with the French President, Mister François Holland, the Minister of Education, Miss Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Secretary of State of Sports, Mister Thierry Braillard. All the… View Article

The 11th ISF Swim Cup World Schools Championship just finished

The 11th ISF Swim Cup World Schools Championship was held in an amazing new swimming complex (2013) of Poznan, Poland with all new infrastructures. Poznan has been known since the 40th European Championship Junior Swimming was organized in 2013. This great championship was led by Marcin Czajko (official organizer) and Fernando Delgado (President of the… View Article

Amaury Leveaux: “Sport is the school of life!”

Olympic champion in 2012 and the 2013 World 4x100m freestyle relay, the French swimmer, sprinter and high-flying, just retired and is planning a lot of new projects. Amaury, A few days left before experiencing the world championships swimming school, from April 16 to April 21 in Poznan, Poland, How do you feel? It is a… View Article

Interview with Marcin Czajko Event Director ISF Swimming WSC Poland

Hello Marcin, please could you tell us how the ISF Championship is preparing? Everything will be ok because we have heard that everybody wanted to come to Poznan? So hard, but it is going ok. We thought, we would have 250 participants, but now we have more than 400 so it is as easy as… View Article