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02.06-10.06.2018 Brno, Czech Republic

Volleyball has always been a real school sport. Therefore the number of participants in the ISF events for this sport has grown gradually. At the beginning 32 teams (B / G) were allowed to register, ISF now has increased the number to 32 (up to a maximum of …), and yet we still have to disappoint some schools.

ISF VB 2016

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Olympians once in our Gymnasiades

Olympic 2016 is about to end, but the names of many athletes will be forever supporters’ mind. Participating in Olympics is a proof of hard training and talents, from early stage in schools to professional carreer. Did you know that many of Olympians’ names were once in in ISF championships records? ISF championships are home for talents. ISF is working… View Article

Gender equality in Olympic through the eyes of ISF young ambassador

According to figures released by the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Rio 2016 has an all-time highest number of female athletes. 45% competitors are female, slightly increased from Olympic London 2012. “Gender equality is not a ‘women’s issue’. It is a basic human right of profound importance and fundamental principle of the Olympics Charter.” – said… View Article

Follow ISF Ambassadors during Olympics

Tomorrow the great Olympic Games will start with all excitements and eagerness. The Opening ceremony will be held at 23:00 UTC (20:00 BRT). All countries are ready to show their greatest in the most prestigious event on the world. Our Ambassadors are also ready, with a full schedules of events from now till the end… View Article

Our Ambassadors get ready for the Olympic Games

On August 5th, Olympic Games Rio 2016 officially kicks off, just 3 weeks after Gymnasiade 2016, the biggest event of ISF. For many years, Gymnasiade has been the first step helping sport talents enter the door of the most prestigious sport event in the world. There are over 50 athletes from 3 most recent Gymnasiades… View Article

Welcome to Belgrade for ISFWSC Volleyball 2016

“The winner is and always will be volleyball” Nenad Golijanin From 25th June to 03rd July, Belgrade will bear the colors of blue and yellow represented by the official volleyball balls. This 24th World Schools Championship will be the biggest ISF event ever in the framework of volleyball, welcoming a total of 64 teams from… View Article