Organise an ISF Event

To The Countries Interested In Organising An ISF World Schools Championship In 2018, 2019 and beyond

The bid for organising an ISF World Schools Championship (WSC) 2018 and 2019, Gymnasiade 2018 and 2020 and beyond is open!

The sports that you can bid for are:

  • Gymnasiade 2018-2020 (World High School Games)
  • Winter Gymnasiade 2018
  • Table Tennis 2018
  • Athletics 2019
  • Basketball 2019
  • Football 2019
  • Orienteering 2019
  • Swimming 2019
  • Tennis 2019
  • Beach Volleyball 2019
  • Triathlon 2019
  • Combat Games 2019
  • Other Sports Under the Aegis such as Waterpolo, Cricket, Continental Schools Games, etc

Applications can be sent to the ISF Secretariat using the application form enclosed.
The bidbook, duly completed, sealed and signed must arrive at the ISF Secretariat at the latest one month before the meeting of the Executive Committee where the decision about the host countries will be made.
To study the requirements, please find enclosed the ‘Handbook for organising an ISF event’ and consult the ‘Technical Rules’ of the sport concerned.
The decision about the host countries of the WSC is made by the Executive Committee in its second meeting of the year, 3 years before the event itself. For instance the decision for the events 2019 will be taken at the second EC meeting in December 2016.