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Closing of the evaluation seminar in Zagreb for the 24 young volunteers of the ERASMUS+ Project "Volunteering in School Sport" (V2S)

November 7th, 2017, will be remembered as a very emotional day for 24 young volunteers, as they together closed the "Volunteering in School Sport" project in Zagreb, after 9 months of cultural exchanges, activities implementation and competences development.

From Clermont-Ferrand to Zagreb

The last time participants of this ERASMUS+ program, coordinated by the ISF, had gathered was in Clermont-Ferrand, France, for the ISF European Schools Badminton Championship (June). During the sport event, the young volunteers, coming from 6 European countries, had proposed to the participants several pedagogical activities to tackle specific topics related to sport practices and youth empowerment (health, environment, citizenship, etc). They succeeded in using and strengthening new competences developed during their training in Budapest (April) such as leadership, communication, and organisational skills.

If the implementation of this type of activities was already very innovative for the school sport world, the young volunteers also became change makers at the local/national level. Indeed, between June and October 2017, they endorsed new voluntary missions: supported by their national school sport organisation, they designed and implemented programs, and took bigger responsibilities during school sport events. In France for example, the four volunteers integrated the organisational team of the National School Sport Day (JNSS) and hold an animation stand along with the other 70 sport leagues and committees involved. In Turkey, they joined the voluntary task force of the FIBA EuroBasket 2017, while Hungarians organised thematic activities in their local district schools. Thousands of youngsters have been impacted by these various actions, always orientated to raise awareness on the individual and collective benefits of volunteering in school sport.

Evaluation seminar in Zagreb

Competences developed by the young volunteers will be reinvested in their academic careers as much as in their professional and associative paths. The seminar was successfully organised in Zagreb, with the support of the Croatian school sport federation. For four days, the young volunteers and their facilitators evaluated their evolution throughout the project and discussed the possibilities for them to remain engaged in their communities. As a recognition of their contribution to the V2S project, they all got a Youth Pass certificate, identifying each key competence (languages, communication, entrepreneurship, learning to learn, cultural awareness, logics, and digital, social and civic competences). They also gathered their recommendations to the world of school sport to integrate, train and valorise more the work of their young volunteers. Two of them have actually been invited to the closing meeting of the project by the national coordinators that will take place in Brussels, on January 9th and 10th, to present their outcomes.

As the V2S volunteers left Zagreb, ISF witnessed the rise of a new generation of young leaders, skilled and motivated to actively participate in the shaping of school sport, with the conviction that non-formal education remains a powerful tool to change and educate.