Nepal School Sports Federation signed MOU with national Rugby Association

Nepal School Sports Federation Signs MOU with National Rugby Association

7 Feb, Kathmandu, Nepal – Nepal School Sports Federation (NSSF) and the Nepal Rugby Association (NRA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU is to establish a firm base of cooperation between NSSF and NRA, to promote and develop Rugby within the school sports framework in Nepal, as well as arounding regions.

Now, NRA and NSSF have committed to an exciting new chapter of joint work. This further consolidates a double commitment to foster rugby growth in the school sports movement. By promoting sport and rugby in education, the MOU will help parties continue to attract school-age rugby enthusiasts and foster cooperation between both and local authorities and other agencies inside school sports.

This MOU was signed by NRA President Mr. Dipak Devkota, the NSSF Chairman Mr. Binod Shrestha, and Mr. Raj Kumar Karki, ISF Executive Committee Member and NSSF Secretary General.

With regard to collaborative initiatives, school event bidding, rugby infrastructure development, training and capacity building, tournaments and competitions, resource use, reporting and evaluation, and promotional activities, NSSF and NRA are bound by this memorandum of understanding.

– Nepal School Sports Federation

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