Development of School Sport in Latvia; LSSF presentation

Development of School Sport in Latvia; LSSF presentation

Latvia places a great deal of importance on school sport when it comes to its involvement in the development of youth in society.

Right from its entry into the European Union in 2004, Latvia has stood by the principles that sport has a direct impact on the development of a person’s social skills as well as maintaining and improving health.


The Latvian School Sports Federation (LSSF) is responsible for maintaining and expanding the school sports drive. Its president, Mr Andris Lukss spoke earlier this year about Latvia’s desire to further explore the potential development from sport through the recent Erasmus+ project ‘Volunteering in School Sport’ (V2S) led by ISF.

Latvia’s LSSF was one of only 6 national sporting federations to take part in the project which aimed at using non-formal educational activities in aiding the development of young people’s skills as well as characters. Aside from potentially shaping the young volunteers’ careers, it is also seen to be a powerful tool that can be used to change and educate for future citizens.

In relation to further developing and building on the current level of school sports in Latvia. The focus is currently on improving the awareness on a parliamentary level in how important school sport is. This would therefore lead on to further opportunities of funding to then allow an increase in events and projects throughout the country.

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