Turkey is gradually re-establishing the education

Turkey is gradually re-establishing the education

Turkish School Sport Federation has already prepared the 2021 schedule and events programme. The competitions will take place in schools across Turkey. The programme follows the ISF calendar as the federation aims to participate in ISF international events in 2021. Sport events in Turkey are being held according to the Covid19 restriction measurements.

Since 21 September 2020, the Ministry of National Education of Turkey has been gradually re-establishing the education processes. The goal is to reopen schools and bring youth back to the classrooms, but reduce the number of students in one class and decrease the amount of contact they would have.

First to go back to school, but only twice per week, was the younger generation (kindergarten and first grades). Education Information Network (EBA TV) and online education tools are used for the other three days when the pupils stay at home. Children follow the courses based on their class and the teachers they work with.  

Secondary and high school students are still following the home based education. The schools will reopen once the Covid19 situation is evaluated stable and safe.

Turkish School Sport Federation and its president Ömür Karakullukçu hope the pandemic will pass soon and children and youth can also go back to School Sport and gather again at national and international sport events.

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