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ISF Scientific Committee is established as a much required current and future service and part of the ongoing incremental and continuous change towards development in the education and physical field related to school sports internationally. Based on the existing and well accepted evidential arguments, sports have a direct positive influence on developing the individual very successfully and into being a productive asset to his/her environment.

To further build on the scientific guidance we are receiving, ISF is leading the field into always finding better ways to reach the global objective of making our world a better place. Therefore, the Scientific Committee will work on assisting research centers around the world to conduct their research that can further bring about information that we all can benefit from, as well as receive, approve, and publish scientific research around sports and academia.

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ISF Scientific Committee

What the Scientific Committee Do


ISF Scientific Committee Journal


In 2024, ISF Scientific Committee will begin its annual Journal. The Journal will include your work and your findings in the general field of school sports. Here is the process to have your work published in ISF Journal.


Research Assistance


Communicating with the world now is much easier than before. Through ISF Scientific Committee, all the school sports federations and member at ISF are at your reach. If you, or any member in the country that you represent is in need to reach the world and to complete a specific research under ISF scope, we can be of assistance through the following process.


Research Partner


In many cases researchers from around the world find it difficult to complete their work and conducting their ideas without assistance. ISF Scientific Committee is made up of well renowned researchers as well as in touch with the best researchers in the field of sports and schools from around the world. To help you complete your work, the committee provides research assistance services in various levels ranging from review to fully fledged partnerships. Below is the process to apply to this service.

To Conduct and promote research
Performance and physical-motor development of youth athletes
Provide expert advice and recommendation
Disseminate Scientific knowledge
To gather scientific knowledge and promote scientific programs and knowledge sharing.
To advice ISF on scientific approaches and processes.
To conduct internal research on behalf of ISF related to developmental programs.
To bridge the gap between science and sports and make scientific claims about the significance of sports in academia

Members of the ISF Scientific Committee



Dr. Saqer Bin Salman Al Khalifa


Constantinos n Tsouloupas

Constantinos N. Tsouloupas

Vice Chairman

ali pashabadi

Dr. Ali Pashabadi


ana ines Gomez

Aria Ines Gomez


mili Abdessalam

Mili Abdesselam


replacement image

Yiming Huang


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