The development of school sport among Iranian youth; Student Sport Federation I.R.Iran

The development of school sport among Iranian youth; Student Sport Federation I.R.Iran

In Iran, sport is an obligatory part of the student curriculum. It’s also an effective tool for the development of students’ health and vitality.

ISF talked to Mahnaz Taslimi, the representative of Student Sport Federation I.R.Iran, to learn more about the development of the school sport among Iranian youth and the country’s school system. The president of the Student Sport Federation I.R.Iran is Dr Hossein Babooei.  

With several competitions, cultural and sport festivals annually, physical education is considered as a way to gain essential social skills and resilience. Schools also work as a talent pool to identify and direct gifted students towards the professional sport careers.

One of the priorities of Student Sport Federation of I.R. Iran is the empowerment of teachers and sport experts to offer quality physical education for all students.

In 2017, the Student Sport Federation of I.R. Iran hosted the 45th Asian School Championship in football for boys (U18).

To further develop school sport in Iran, experiences and participation at the events on the international level are crucial. The strategy of Student Sport Federation of I.R. Iran, to strengthen the impact of the federation, is annual presence at the international and Asian competitions, obtaining seats and continued membership in three federations.

Iran has more than 13 million students among which, at the school/educational level, the proportion of girls and boys is equal.

Other statistics include:
Schools: 125000 schools
Number of teachers and sports experts: 35000
Number of indoor sports instructors: 5969
Number of out-of-school sports clubs: 37311
Number of school sports associations: 40
Number of sports boards: 32

Graph: Championship and sport festivals in the region (autumn) of the province (winter) of the country (summer) for students; number of participants: 10% of the total population of the country's students.

Photo: Morning exercise in schools for all students. Dynamic courtyard for schools without a gym.


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