Election of China Student Sports Federation 2024

A New Board of China Student Sports Federation was Elected

20 Mar, Beijing, P.R.China - A milestone meeting was held in Beijing, China in which Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) and China School Sports Federation (FSSC) merged into one organization, renamed as China Student Sports Federation (CSSF). Nearly 300 delegates from all over the China elected the new board of CSSF which was composed of 94 members, with Dr. LIU Lixin as the President and Secretary General.

FSSC and FUSC were respectively established in 1973 and 1975. Since their inception, FSSC and FUSC were affiliated to International School Sports Federation (ISF) and International University Sports Federation (FISU) and have been playing an active role to promote the development of world school and university sports.

The General Assembly reviewed the 50-year achievements of FSSC and FUSC. In the past 5 decades, China ever participated in 19 editions of ISF Gymnasiade, 24 editions of FISU Summer World University Games, 20 editions of FISU Winter World University Games, and more than 70 ISF and FISU Championship and Cups.

Since 2005, more than 7000 Chinese student athletes participated in ISF and FISU events, winning 793 Gold Medals and around 1800 Medals in total. Besides that, China ever hosted 3 editions of FISU Summer World University Games and 1 FISU Winter World University Games, 1 ISF Gymnasiade and numerous Championships and Cups.

WANG Jiayi, Vice Minister of Education of China, attended the meeting and highly praised the 50-year achievements that FSSC and FUSC made. He anticipated that CSSF could focus on promoting the high-quality development of student sports and make more remarkable contribution on the drive to building up a country strong in education and sport through student sports.

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