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School Sports Flourish in Nepal as Local ISF Member Federation Forges Partnerships with National Sports Associations

Jun 20, Kathmandu, Nepal – The Nepal School Sports Federation (NSSF) is making significant strides in promoting diverse sports disciplines across the country’s school system. In recent months, the NSSF has signed several Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with various national sports associations, aiming to integrate boxing, swimming, and esports into the school sports framework. These collaborations are expected to foster new talent and elevate Nepal's standing in these sports both domestically and internationally.

the NSSF and the Nepal Boxing Federation (NBF) formalized an MOU to promote boxing in schools throughout Nepal. This agreement aims to provide structured assistance and resources for school-level boxing activities, including events, training programs, and contests. The initiative marks a significant step in incorporating boxing into the broader school sports framework overseen by the NSSF. The signing ceremony was attended by dignitaries such as NSSF Chairman Mr. Binod Shrestha and NBF President Mr. Ram Awale, highlighting the collaboration's importance in fostering young boxing talent.

Similarly, a few days ago, the NSSF partnered with the Nepal Swimming Association (NSA) to enhance the development and promotion of swimming in schools. This MOU outlines plans for cooperation events, training programs, and competitions aimed at improving the country's swimming standards.

The signing ceremony, held at the National Sports Council (NSC), featured prominent figures including NSA President Mr. Jagat Man Shrestha and NSSF Secretary General Mr. Raj Kumar Karki. This collaboration is seen as a pivotal move in integrating swimming into the school sports ecosystem, providing young swimmers with opportunities to develop their skills and compete at higher levels.

The NSSF also signed an MOU in May with the Esports Association of Nepal (ESAN) to promote esports within Nepal's school sports system. This agreement focuses on various aspects such as infrastructure development, regulation, training, tournaments, and promotional activities. The ceremony, also held at the NSC, was attended by key figures including ESAN President Mr. Anjan Dhamala and NSSF Chairman Mr. Binod Shrestha. The MOU signifies a new phase in the collaboration between ESAN and NSSF, aiming to attract and engage school-age esports enthusiasts.

These agreements reflect the NSSF's ongoing commitment to promoting a wide range of sports disciplines in Nepalese schools. By partnering with national sports associations, the NSSF is ensuring that students have access to diverse opportunities, fostering talent that can compete both nationally and internationally. The initiatives also aim to build collaboration between local authorities and other entities within the school sports system, enhancing the overall sports infrastructure in the country.

The NSSF's efforts in integrating various sports into the school curriculum are poised to have a lasting impact on Nepal's sporting landscape. As these programs develop, they hold the promise of not only nurturing young athletes but also raising the standards of sports in Nepal to new heights.

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