Valerie Lebondo appointed as ISF Coordinator for Gender Equality

Valerie Lebondo appointed as ISF Coordinator for Gender Equality

March, 3rd in Belgrade, Serbia ISF President Laurent Petrynka addressed the issue of gender equality to the General Assembly and emphasized an urgent need to increase participation of girls in school sport. To this end, he announced his decision to appoint Gabon's Valerie Lebondo to lead the matter within ISF,

"Your mission is to impose a strong strategy to overcome gender gap in school sport. We trust you will do a great job and will give you all the support."
The newly nominated Valerie Lebondo commented, "I feel proud to receive this mission from the President and the ISF and I can ensure that I will do my best. I invite all of you to support me in this task.”

She added on her mission,

“I hope that together with Executive Committee members we can put policies in place that will ensure equal participation in sport of men and women. Sport allows full development of a human being, regardless of their gender.”

Valerie Lebondo is a Physical Education teacher, a Director of School Affairs in the National Ministry of Education in Gabon. She is also a retired basketball player and has been an active member of ISF family since 2018.

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