Medals ISF Gymnasiade 2023

Final Round of Applause in Rio de Janeiro

As the final results come in, the podium of countries is becoming clear. Brazil, the host country, boasting over 460 athletes, stands out from its competitors by securing the first-place position from the early days of the competition. The Chinese delegation, with over 160 athletes, has also made its mark, capturing numerous medals in disciplines such as athletics, fencing, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, and dancesport. Even though Chinese Tapei was in 4th place on the second day of competition, they didn't give up and managed to secure a spot among the top contenders. However, England, which held the second position midway through the competition, couldn't maintain its standing and has now been relegated to the fourth spot, still with an impressive 22 gold medals.

The rankings continue with Ukraine (5th), Mexico (6th), and the USA (7th), who respectively earned 16 and 12 gold medals. Kazakhstan secured the 8th place with 12 gold medals in boxing. Occupying the 9th place, Morocco made it into the top 10, largely due to the achievements of its taekwondo and athletics athletes, and was followed by Argentina at the 10th position.

After a dynamic start on August 20th with a spectacular opening ceremony and a entire week of competition, the final day of the U15 Gymnasiade Brazil 2023 competition saw all athletes gather one last time in the Carioca 1 arena, where it all began, to witness the closing ceremony. They congratulated the grand winners of the competition and exchanged joyful moments in Rio de Janeiro. Following closing speeches by ISF President Laurent Petrynka, CBDE President Antonio Hora Filho, and State Secretary of Sport and Leisure of Rio de Janeiro Rafael Picciani, the evening came alive with dance troupes swaying to the rhythm of Brazilian classics and athletes eager to showcase their dance talents one last time, igniting the arena.

The incredible second edition of the U15 Gymnasiade 2023 has officially concluded with a DJ taking the stage and getting the crowd of athletes dancing.

Now is the time for all delegations to journey back home, carrying memories of sportsmanship, unforgettable encounters, and an unparalleled experience. Thank you to everyone, and see you soon in Bahrain for the next edition of the Gymnasiade 2024.

Find more information about the event on the ISF U15 Gymnasiade 2023 event page

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