Girls Champions FRA2 ISF WSC Volleyball 2024

ISF World School Championship Volleyball - Serbia 2024 Comes to a Triumphant Close

Apr. 28, Belgrade, Serbia - As the referee's whistle echoed, the boys’ final score froze at 26:24. Team Iran clinched the championship with a 3-0 victory over Team Germany, while Team Turkey secured the bronze. In an earlier showdown, in the girls’ final, France 2 swept past Chinese Taipei 3-0 to claim the title, with the 2 hosting teams securing both third and fourth places. Additionally, the Luxembourg boys received the ISF Fair Play medals. However, beyond the crowning of two youthful champion teams, this tournament brought forth significant revelations to the global community.

Gender Equality

This edition saw the participation of 28 Boys' teams and 27 Girls' teams from five continents, comprising 313 boys and 314 girls.

This nearly symmetrical representation serves as a testament to the longstanding efforts of ISF and its member federations in promoting gender equality within school sports worldwide.

Support from Member Federations

Over the past decade, the Serbian School Sport Federation (SSSF) has consistently supported the development of ISF and international school sports through hosting events and participating.

During the tournament's opening ceremony, Zeljko Tanaskovic, President of SSSF, articulated, "Together, as a team, we aim to uphold the values of dignity in sports, always ready for new challenges."

Mr. Tanaskovic's words reflect not only his passion as a former top-level volleyball player but also his profound understanding of the significance of school sports and his unwavering confidence in youth sports development.

ISF expresses gratitude to the Serbian Ministry of Sports and SSSF for their steadfast support over the years.

Equal Opportunities

Uganda's team became the first squad to participate in an ISF event through the ISF Solidarity Programme this season.

This opportunity provided many Ugandan athletes with new experiences—first visits to Europe, first indoor matches with wooden floors and electric lighting. Following eight days of competition and cultural exchange activities, numerous Ugandan boys decided to bring back the knowledge and experiences gained in Europe to their homeland and schools, hoping to drive the development of volleyball and student sports through their efforts.

ISF eagerly anticipates that the assistance provided today can take root and flourish in their home country, and in the future, help more talented young athletes step onto the world stage.

Educational Activities

As customary, ISF organized educational workshops that left a profound impact.

In addition to covering Safeguarding Children in Sport and Doping Prevention in Sport, a Team-Building activity was introduced during this championship.

Participants engaged in insightful discussions, learning invaluable lessons to ensure the safety and well-being of all athletes. The Safeguarding workshop emphasized the importance of fostering a safe and respectful environment within sports, promoting fairness and equality for all involved. Conversely, the Antidoping workshop equipped participants with essential knowledge to uphold clean and drug-free competitions, safeguarding the integrity of the games.

The Team-Building activity, proposed and organized by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), aimed to enhance group cohesion, self-confidence, and trust among teammates through various physical activity games.

Through these enriching workshops, ISF reaffirmed its dedication to nurturing a positive and ethical sporting culture, empowering young athletes to become responsible ambassadors of fair play and sportsmanship.

As the cheers and applause of the awards ceremony gradually fade, the relentless efforts of ISF in advancing international school sports development continue. Next on the horizon, let us reconvene in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, on May 10th, to celebrate the arrival of the ISF World School Cross Country Championship 2024!

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