ISF WSC Volleyball 2024

ISF WSC Volleyball 2024 Pool Phase Concludes

Apr. 24, Belgrade, Serbia - The ISF World School Volleyball Championship - Serbia 2024 has concluded its third day of competition. All 69 pool-phase-matches, comprising 8 groups each for both boys’ and girls’ teams, have been played out.

On the 24th, delegations from participating countries embarked on a day of city sightseeing in Belgrade, followed by the ISF's traditional Nations Nights. This day served not only as a means for young athletes to alleviate physical fatigue and prevent excessive physical burden or injuries resulting from continuous intense competition, but also as a routine cultural exchange opportunity organised by ISF.

During the city sightseeing tours, athletes, coaches, and officials from around the world had the opportunity to interact directly with local people and learn about the history and culture of the host city.

In the Nations Night event, delegations showcased their respective countries through exhibitions, food, music, and dance, fostering friendships, increasing understanding, and promoting mutual trust among competitors. This embodies ISF's ongoing mission: to integrate education into sports events and to expand the scope of education through sports events.

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