Cuba held its 55th edition of the School Sport Games

Cuba held its 55th edition of the School Sport Games

Cuba, 11 September 2019 – School Sport Federation of Cuba held its 55th edition of the School Sport Games, organized by the Department of School Sports at the national level with the support of the National Sports Federations.

Each year, the event greatly contributes to the promotion of the Cuban sport. School Sport Games present a talent pool and a starting point for majority of Cuban professional athletes.

On average 8800 youth athletes participate at the Games each year, divided into various age categories (9-18 years of age). With coaches, referees, delegates and medical personnel the overall numbers of participants rises up to 13,000. The biggest age category is the Secondary School students (15-18 years of age).


Countries which regularly join the School Sport Games are Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States. Most of the participating teams/delegations are formed through National School Sports Games.

Beside the sport competitions, the games also include a cultural program, promoting education through sport, and contribute to the social development of its youth.

Author: Ramón Ají Fariñas, ISF America Technical Director

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