ISF President signs MoA of ISF Golf

ISF Expands Collaboration with Morocco: Unveils Plans for ISF Golf events

20 Feb, Rabat, Morocco – Following the success of ISF Gymnasiades 2018 in Marrakech and the subsequent success of the ISF WSC Football -2023 in Rabat, ISF signs a new Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Moroccan stakeholdersthe. The collaboration marks the Kingdom of Morocco's continued commitment to the ISF and its dedication to fostering the growth and development of young athletes.

ISF President Laurent PETRYNKA acknowledges the longstanding partnership between ISF and Morocco, and expresses immense pride as he signes the MOA alongside representatives from the Ministry of Education of Morocco, the Royal Moroccan School Sports Federation, and the Royal Golf Federation of Morocco. In the cooperation frame of the MOA, 3 editions of the ISF WSC Golf are scheduled for 2025, 2026, and 2028, underscore the enduring nature of this strategic alliance.

President PETRYNKA outlined the positive impact of golf, "Golf is good for your health, because the competition will take place over three 18-hole courses, so it's already a physical challenge. Golf is also very technical, and excellent for the coordination of the body. It's also a school of fair play, a sport for 'gentlemen'. It's also a sport that allows young people to get out of their bedrooms and away from their screens and enjoy a wonderful setting.

This significant agreement aligns seamlessly with Her Majesty's vision for the nation, emphasizing the importance of developing sports at the highest level. The intent is not only to host professional events but also to prioritize the well-being and involvement of young people, with help of an exceptional tool for educating the youth - sport.

The collaboration took a pivotal turn when His Majesty Prince Moulay Rachid expressed a desire for golf to become an international school sport. The ISF readily embraced this proposal, recognizing the inherent benefits of golf.

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