School Sport is essential for the Lebanese youth

School Sport is essential for the Lebanese youth

Sport is essential part of the Lebanese society as most people are aware of its benefits, especially the positive influence it has on the youth.

In Lebanon, school sport is considered as a way to raise a healthy generation with a high self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. It also has a higher value for the society as it “fill out” the youngsters’ off-school time and prevents them to engage in any kind of negative behaviours such as addictions or crime.


Sport and Scout activities Unit at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is responsible for the development and execution of school sport in Lebanon. It’s Secretary General, and in charge of organisation’s activities, is Mr Mazen Koubeissi who is also head of the Executive Office at the Arab Union for School Sport.

Lebanon’s strategy to develop school sport further is to increase the participation of the young athletes at a national level, and later select the individuals and teams which will represent Lebanon at various ISF events.

Each year the Sport and Scout activities Unit organises a mega event for the pupils between the ages of 5-18. Approximately 2500 schools and 60.000 students participate in the tournament which hosts 18 different sport disciplines all over the country.


The sport disciplines included are football, futsal, mini football, basketball, volleyball, handball, ping pong, badminton, athletics, cross country, kids athletics, taekwondo, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport dance and body fitness competition.

Plans for the future are to add even more sports in the future and establish a selection process to identify the gifted students with a potential to compete at an international level competitions.

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