Skoljoggen - One of the World's Largest School Running Event Raises Funds for Ukraine

Skoljoggen – Nationswide running event in schools

Since 1982, The Swedish School Sports Association, been hosting "Skoljoggen" (School Run), a nationwide running event in schools. It aims to make running fun and to bring students together, all while focusing on their health. This year, we had kids and teens from ages 6 to 18 join in. With over 1,000 schools and about 250,000 participants joining in Skoljoggen makes Skoljoggen a memorable event, full of energy and excitement every year.

Springslanten – Fundraising for charitable purposes

During Skoljoggen, we also run a charity drive where students, school staff, parents, and others can donate money. This means that as the students are getting active, they're also helping other kids and teens. In 2023, the money we collected will go to the School Sports Federation in Ukraine. This will help their members take part in international sports events. We're thrilled and proud to say that, with the help of Sweden's youth, we've raised about 45,000 euros for the School Sports Federation in Ukraine.

We're really grateful to the Ukrainian School Sports Federation for working so well with us. We're excited for many more years of Skoljoggen, keeping the focus on fun, togetherness, and being active.

About The Swedish School Sports Association

The Swedish School Sports Association is the national organization for all school sports associations in Sweden and their members. Today, there are approximately 650 member associations spread across 25 districts, these associations have around 85,000 members, making up the expansive network of the Swedish School Sports Association.

School-IF, our member associations, are designed to offer all children and youth the chance to engage in straightforward, enjoyable, and affordable physical activities and sports. At the core of these associations are regular after school activities, inclusive competitions open to all, and educational leadership programs. Uniquely, School-IF is managed by children and youth, under the guidance and support of adults. As part of this initiative, we also provide training for these young participants in organizational management and leadership skills.

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