Ukrainian Cool Games 2021 Held

Ukrainian Cool Games 2021 Held

The winners of the Ukrainian event Cool Games were defined on the 29 of May 2021. The event took place in Sport complex “Veneto sport” and was organised by the Committee of physical education and sport of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and the Ukrainian federation of school sports. 

The winners of the event competitions were the following:

Age category 1 (born date 2010-2011) - Lviv region
Age category 2 (born 2007–2009) - Volyn region
Age category 3 (born 2003–2006) - Kirovograd region
The Super cup, (for all age categories) - Volyn region

In addition to the competitive aspect of the event, each team presented their regions with national songs and dances, which is especially symbolic as this is the year of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine.

"My congratulations to the coolest finalists of the «Cool Games»! I would like to share my words of gratitude to all of you. You showed to all Ukrainians how to implement in life innovative and modern sport projects and you will represent our country during the international competitions. So today I wish to all of you  inspiration and positive emotions for future victories!" - said the President of the Ukrainian federation of school sports and ISF Executive Committee member, Roman Greba.

"I would like to thank teachers and participants for the perfect preparation for this event.​ For two days the young participants participated in Pushcha Vodytsya with the winners now competing in the Grand final now. Once again my deepest thanks to physical education teachers, who aren't afraid to use innovative methods and are open for quality changes that inspire children to do sports and to lead healthy lifestyles." - said the Head of the Committee of physical education and sport Vadym Stetsenko after the event.

The winners of age category 3 will then have the opportunity to represent Ukraine during the ISF World Cool Games with the girls also travelling to Brussels to participate in the next edition of ISF She Runs – Active Girls' Lead.

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