CTSSF Mascot, Woohoo, is in the house

Chinese Taipei : Launch of CTSSF Mascot to spread passion and energy during school sport events !


Woohoo Mascot CTSSF

Chinese Taipei School Sport Federation (CTSSF) organizes several school sport events domestically, including High School Basketball League (HBL), High School Volleyball League (HVL), High School Football League (HFL), High School Softball League (HSL) and High School Dance Championship (HDC).

In November 2021, CTSSF launched an official mascot, WooHoo. From then on, WooHoo represents CTSSF with great passion and energy everywhere. When WooHoo shows up at the venues, it loves to cheer up all student athletes, dance with joyful music and play some naughty tricks on audience. Besides, there are more and more WooHoo’s featured products, such as pins, stickers, puppets, postcards, transport EasyCard, Eco-bags, umbrellas and so on. You can also find WooHoo on Instagram (@ctssf_official / @ctssf_woohoo)!

CTSSF hopes that WooHoo can be everyone’s good friend and celebrate every delightful moment with all athletes and fans.

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