Handing over of the ISF Flag to Bahrain 2024

ISF Gymnasiade 2024 Attributed to the Kingdom of Bahrain

In the framework of the ISF General Assembly 2022, one of the major announcements marking the 50th Anniversary of ISF, was the official and unanimous attribution of the ISF Gymnasiade 2024 to the Kingdom of Bahrain, followed by the official signing of the ISF Gymnasiade Bahrain 2024 agreement.

During this occasion, the authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by his Excellency Sheikh Dr Saqer Al Khalifa took the opportunity to present their project and plan of all functional areas, displaying the high-level preparations that will be implemented, with the proposed date being October 2024.

Signing of Bahrain 2024

With a long-lasting experience to host major international sport events, the Kingdom of Bahrain showcased to the entire ISF General Assembly with more than 100 country members present, their ability and vision to continue the steep development of ISF Gymnasiade, seen in recent years.

ISF member the Bahrain Schools and Collegiate Athletics Association has made every effort in engaging in the school sport community and ISF events, with a total of 24 school athletes in 5 sports being registered for the ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022, in addition to the submission of their application to host the 2024 Gymnasiade, displaying their strong commitment to school sport.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be celebrated at the prestigious Bahrain International Circuit, where participants will enjoy the festivities with a spectacular panoramic view, as just one in a list of high profile and high-level venues planned for Bahrain 2024.

As always, the cultural and educational programme of ISF events and in particular the ISF Gymnasiade are imperative for the programme of events. For Bahrain 2024, the cultural programme proposed, would see participants venture into the cultural and historical heart of Bahrain, visiting a number of notable locations. Regarding the educational programme, the topics of General Health and Wellbeing, Diet & Nutrition, as well as Good Practices for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle will be focused upon, with the now regular ISF activity of the Fun and Skills Zone being one of the central hubs for these topics and the educational activities that will accompany them.

An important focus for Bahrain 2024 will be on Legacy & Sustainability. Raising long-term awareness among generations of youth on the importance of sport and physical activity are key, making the ISF Gymnasiade more than just one time event. Leaving behind a legacy, Bahrain 2024 will be an opportunity to create a starting point for school students in their journey in sport, whether it be high-level or casual engagement.

ISF Gymnasiade Bahrain 2024 Presentation

ISF President Laurent Petrynka “It is fantastic to see the high-level of engagement from Bahrain, who will continue the rapid development of the ISF Gymnasiade with Bahrain 2024. We have every confidence that the organisation of this next step in the ISF Gymnasiade journey will be held in the best conditions possible, bringing the international school sport community together for a special occasion. See you in Bahrain 2024!

Sheikh Dr Sager Al Khalifa “Witnessing the fantastic organisation of this ISF Gymnasiade event, we are delighted to be here in front of you now, stating our intent to gather all of the ISF family and school sport community in Bahrain in 2024, not only matching the level we see today, but surpassing it, and making it a tougher job for those who will host the games after us. We look forward to welcoming you all to Bahrain in 2024.”

ISF Plaque Handover

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