Second Edition of U15 Gymnasiade 2023 set to dazzle Rio de Janeiro

The countdown has begun for the second edition of the U15 Gymnasiade 2023, an international sports competition organized by the International School Sport Federation (ISF). The event is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, “Cidade Maravilhosa” (the Marvelous City), Brazil, from August 19 to August 27.

These Gymnasiades, a multi-sport event, tailor the spirit of international sporting competition to the young athletes in the realm of school sports. This offers a golden opportunity for our young talents to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience, providing them with a taste of grand international sporting events.

Gymnasiade Vibe for the ISF U15 event in Rio

With over 2,000 young athletes aged 13 to 15 from around the globe, the second edition of the U15 Gymnasiade ISF promises to be a spectacular affair. Encompassing 18 disciplines and boasting the representation of 50 countries, these young athletes hailing from the world of school sports are poised to create lasting memories as they grace the hallowed grounds of Rio's Olympic Village, where numerous international athletes achieved greatness in 2016.

In the spirit of the Olympics, the Gymnasiade ISF will kick off after all participating delegations arrive, marked by a breathtaking opening ceremony scheduled for Sunday, August 20 at Carioca Arena 01 in the Olympic Park.

Rio: A Haven for Sport Hospitality

While Brazil is primarily renowned as the birthplace of football ("O pais do futebol"), it remains a nation deeply rooted in sportsmanship, camaraderie, and a good atmosphere. Having successfully hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro embraces the new challenge of accommodating another prestigious international competition on its soil. Thus, athletes from the 18 disciplines will start the competition within the confines of the Olympic Village. This experience enables them to acquaint themselves with the vibrant atmosphere of major international sporting events.

Education Takes Center Stage

At the heart of the Gymnasiade ISF lie the core principles of sportsmanship and competition. However, these events encapsulate more than just sport. ISF events are equally celebrated for promoting values of fairness, respect, and fair play throughout the competition. At the end of the competition, the ISF sponsor Kinder will notably reward with a trophy the delegation exemplifying the highest level of fair play throughout the event.

Beyond sports, the International School Sport Federation is deeply committed to the goal of enhancing education of young athletes. This second edition of the U15 Gymnasiade serves as a platform for youths worldwide to forge new connections with like-minded peers who share their passion and love for sports. These interactions are further enriched by cultural exchanges through Fun and Skill Zone, during Nations Night festivities, and exploration of the host country's heritage during Cultural Day. As in previous events, athletes will be invited to take part in ISF Academy workshops, which aim to raise young people's awareness of safeguarding in the world of sport. 

To bolster the protection of children during events, ISF has recently established a dedicated hotline, accessed via WhatsApp for addressing all sensitive subjects related to safeguarding matters.

This ISF U15 Gymnasiade 2023 promises to be a grandiose sporting and educational event for our young athletes, enabling them to live a waking dream and cultivate connections with new individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

See you in 3 days in Rio de Janeiro.

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