The start of 2024 is off to a flying start for ISF!

ISF announced it at the end of 2023: after 50 years in Belgium, the headquarters of the International School Sport Federation are moving to Lausanne, Switzerland, the Olympic Capital.

On this occasion, the President of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, welcomed the ISF team to Olympic House and opened the first Executive Committee meeting of 2024 with a welcome speech.

Building on its long-standing collaboration with the IOC, the ISF and its President Laurent Petrynka thanked the IOC for its hospitality and warm welcome. Some members of the executive committee also presented gifts from their respective countries.

The discussions at Olympic House were marked by the IOC's and ISF's commitment to investing more in education through sport, a priority for creating healthy physical and mental habits from an early age.

With this move to Switzerland, the significance of which goes far beyond geographical and strategic reasons, the ISF is asserting its determination to develop school sport on a global level, and loudly proclaiming its duty to make sport a priority in every school throughout the world.

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