FASS General Assembly


Casablanca-Morocco, The General assembly of the African School Sport Federation (AASF) took place From February 26 to February 28 in the City of Casablanca.

The objective of the AASF is the development of youth education through sport by promoting sports and educational policies and enhancing the cooperation between the different national entities.

Empowering youth and promoting citizenship values.

On same time The Kingdom of Morocco is holding the African Championship Basket Ball 3x3 and Volley Ball from February 26 to March 2, 2023.

ISF delegation, led by ISF President Laurent Petrynka participated in the  General Assembly organised by the African School Sport Federation.

‘’Congratulation to the President of AASF Mr. Youssef Belqasmi and  his team for the tremendous work which has been done in term of development and structuration of the organization which already count 36 countries today and 40 very soon’’ -Laurent Petrynka, ISF president.

Laurent Petrynka & Youssef Belqasmi

High level meetings between ISF President, Mr. Petrynka Laurent, ASSF President, Mr. Youssef Belqasmi were organised with :

Mr. Abdoulkader Daher – in charge of school sports and vocational training for the Minister of Education of the Republic of Djibouti.

Mr. Abdoulkader Daher of Djibouti

Mr. Mahamat Seid Farag -Secretary General of Education and Civic of the Republic of Chad.

Mr. Mahamat Seid Farag of Chad

Mr. Mahmoud AL-Houri The Minister of Education and Teaching of the Republic of Sudan.

Mr. Mahmoud AL-Houri of Sudan

Mr. Ngaiya Alfred le Grand Director INJS in Central Republic of Africa.

Mr. Ngaiya Alfred le Grand of Central Republic of Africa

ISF Academy Presentation:

It was also an opportunity To share the new ISF Academy, the new educational center of the International School Sport Federation delivering online and onsite capacity-building activities for teachers, school sport representatives, coaches, officials and students around the world.it aims to recognize and or to update the knowledge and skills of any of these stakeholders involved in national ,continental or international levels.


Founded in 1972, The international School Sport Federation (ISF) is an international non-profit sport organisation, acting as the umbrella organisation and governing body for national school sport organisations around the world, organised sport, and educational events for youth from 6 to 18 years old.

Recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1995, the ISF currently consists of 132 members all over the five continents organising over 10 events per year and has more than 30 different sports included in its competition, key vision of ISF,  A world where sport and education provide opportunities for all students to empower themselves and to become active citizens and to foster healthier communities .

For more Information’s: https://www.isfsports.org

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