ISF President Laurent Petrynka and FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis show the newly signed coorperation MOU

Cooperation between ISF & FIBA Enters A New Decade

On January 30th, ISF and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), starting the beginning of a new chapter in the integration of school sports and basketball.

This marks the first collaborative agreement signed by ISF since its relocation to Lausanne, which is a milestone in the history of international school sports.

Now, FIBA and the ISF have committed to an exciting new chapter of joint work after signing a new MOU. Running until the end of December 2027, this further solidifies a dual commitment to foster the growth of basketball.

Promoting sport and basketball in education at both the local and international level, the MOU will help the parties to continue attracting school-age basketball enthusiasts and will foster co-operation between both and local authorities and other agencies.

ISF will utilize its channels in schools and the education system, further promoting both basketball and 3x3, with the aim to enhance gender equality through basketball activities and expand the educational content of its competitive events. More specific initiatives will be undertaken by FIBA and the ISF under the broad umbrella of encouraging the practice of basketball by all school students of all genders.

There will be a particularly strong focus on promoting basketball in schools for girls, in line with FIBA’s Women in Basketball strategic priority. This will continue to be delivered through successful projects such as "Her World, Her Rules" which has proven popular around the globe.

Also, there will be enhanced promotion of activities in schools that were initiated by FIBA. An impressive example of this is the "Ball in School" program that was implemented in Asia by participating National Federations and with the support of the ISF.

ISF President Laurent Petrynka said: "The collaboration between FIBA and ISF began a decade ago, making FIBA one of the earliest international federations to engage in international school sports. Over the past ten years, through the joint efforts of both parties, thousands of high-achieving school students have gathered at ISF events to compete with their peers from other countries and later showcase their talents on a higher stage."

"More importantly, on the basketball court, many students have received education that will benefit them throughout their lives—cultivating self-love, self-confidence, facing challenges with courage, striving for excellence, and promoting teamwork.

"When education extends beyond the classroom, the benefits for young people far exceed what textbooks can offer," Petrynka concluded.

FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis said: "FIBA has enjoyed working with the ISF for 10 years now, and that is a milestone that both organizations can be very proud of.  Now, by signing this Memorandum of Understanding, we are showing everyone just how much we value the collaboration and how important it continues to be in helping to grow the sport globally."

Zagklis added: "Initiatives that lever expertise from partners at the grassroots level help us to make sure future generations are engaged and have the opportunity to experience basketball early. From this, they will hopefully develop a passion for the sport like millions of people around the world have - whether it be watching, playing, or in another capacity."

The ISF World School Basketball Championship 2024, opening on June 24th in Macao, China, will be the first ISF basketball event after the signing of the MoU. Additionally, 3x3 basketball will be one of the 25 sports at the ISF Gymnasiade 2024, scheduled to take place in Bahrain in late October.

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