ISF World School Football Championship

ISF World School Football Championship Kick-Starts in Morocco with Record Participation

The world of school football is buzzing with excitement as the ISF World School Football Championship kicks off in the vibrant country of Morocco. With 29 countries participating, this event will be the biggest football world Championship ever organized in ISF, promising to be an unparalleled celebration of talent, sportsmanship, and cultural exchange.

Unprecedented Participation

This year's ISF World School Football Championship boasts an impressive total of 47 teams, consisting of 18 girls' teams and 29 boys' teams. The tournament will undoubtedly offer a great platform for these talented young men and women to demonstrate their skills, inspire generations to come and participate in these multicultural events.

Among the participating nations, Morocco, Uganda, China, Brazil stand out with the highest number of teams. As the host country, Morocco is privileged to present four teams, fuelling the local enthusiasm for the event. Uganda, with its two boys' teams and one girls' team, and China with four teams (2 teams of both gender) are also showing a huge interest in this football event and in school sport.

African Nations Shine

Hosted in Rabat, the City of Lights, this event will reach out to the highest participation of African countries with 12 countries represented. In the midst of countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Mali, and Gambia, Burkina Faso and Benin will be enjoying their first ISF experience at this championship.

This achievement reflects the growing interest and dedication towards football in the region and presents an opportunity for these young players to gain an unforgettable international experience, rich in encounters and cultural exchanges.

Morocco in the spotlight

For Morocco, this championship marks the second significant ISF event hosted in the country, following the successful organization of the Gymnasiade in 2018. The Gymnasiade showcased the nation's capability to host international sports events and created a lasting legacy for school sports in the country. The ISF World School Football Championship is set to continue this tradition, leaving a lasting impact on the local sports community.

At ISF events, prioritizing the educational aspect for our athletes is also of utmost importance. During the championship, participants will engage in a series of enriching workshops and cultural experiences through ISF Academy and Young Reporter program. Rabat promises to provide a truly spectacular and memorable experience for all young athletes.

The Unsung Heroes: Volunteers

Behind the glory of any sporting event lie the tireless efforts of countless volunteers who ensure the smooth running of the competition. The ISF World School Football Championship is no exception, with over 400 volunteers dedicated to organizing and managing various aspects of the tournament. Their passion for sport and football and commitment will play a crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience for the participants and spectators alike.

Fostering Friendships and Unity

Beyond the competitive spirit, the ISF World School Football Championship is also an occasion for fostering friendships and understanding between cultures. Participants from diverse backgrounds will have the chance to interact, exchange ideas, and celebrate their shared love for football. Such events exemplify the potential of sports to transcend linguistic, cultural, and social barriers, promoting a more inclusive and harmonious world.

As the ISF World School Football Championship is about to start in Morocco, the world eagerly awaits to witness the budding talents of these young athletes. The competition will undoubtedly be fierce, but the camaraderie and spirit of unity that emanate from the tournament will be a true testament to the enduring power of sports on a global stage. May the ISF World School Football Championship in Morocco be a resounding success and leave a lasting legacy for future generations of football enthusiasts.

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