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Launching of ISF Academy , an Educational Center dedicated for Students, Teachers, School sports representatives, Coaches and Officials, around the world

Brussels, Belgium. (February 3, 2023) - The International School Sport Federation (ISF) are proud to announce the launching of the new program ISF Academy ,the new educational center of the International School Sport Federation, delivering short-mid and long term online or onsite capacity-building programs and education for  students, teachers, school sports representatives, coaches, and officials around the world.

ISF Academy main pillars:

A)           Online capacity building program for Heads of Delegation and Coaches prior to each ISF events.

B)           Onsite seminars and educational workshops for the school students participating to ISF events on various topics (Anti-Doping Prevention – Safeguarding in Sport – Inspirational stories of Olympic/Paralympic Champions, Dual Careers, Nutrition, Sports clinics with International Sports Federations, Media & Communication youth programs)

C)           Short and Mid-term capacity building program for Physical Education teachers in cooperation with Ministries of Education and Sport and School Sport entities worldwide.

D)           International sport, educational events for Physical Education Teachers and students in faculty of sports.

E)            Knowledge transfer and capacity building program for ISF events organizing committees.

F)            ISF events international volunteering program development.

G)           Physical Education Teachers and schools leaders pool of experts program development

H)           Scientific research, advocacy and policy development related PE and school sport.

I)             Safeguarding Children in School Sport Curriculum & Diploma.

“It’s a new era of educational activities for ISF, a foundation for a better future where sport and education provides opportunities for all students to become active citizens and to foster healthier communities .We are proud to announce the launching of the 1st edition, an online session dedicated for ISF Heads of Delegation and Coaches who will participate in the ISF Winter Gymnasiade 2023 in Türkiye’’ said Mr. Laurent Petrynka, ISF President.

This activity will take place online on ISF Academy online platform who will serve to host all future online educational and capacity building activity in various field: https://isfacademy.getlearnworlds.com/

This online seminar will take place prior to each ISF event this year we are starting with ISF winter Gymnasiade in Erzurum-Türkiye.

February 3 and February 4 at 14.00 CET will be the first course,  an 8h courses (splitted in 2 days) training program related to the role of Heads of Delegation and Coaches responsibility during ISF events, presentation of the event functional areas and general organization.

The objective is to support our delegation stakeholders to prepare their mission and the representation of their country with this ISF events

Besides that, training courses related to Safeguarding Children in Sport, Diplomacy in Sport and Anti-Doping Prevention will be part of this program.


Founded in 1972, The international School Sport Federation (ISF) is an international non-profit sport organization, acting as the umbrella organization and governing body for national school sport organizations around the world, organized sport, and educational events for youth from 6 to 18 years old.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1995, the ISF currently consists of 132 members all over the five continents organizing over 10 events per year and has more than 30 different sports included in its competition, key vision of ISF ,  A world where sport and education provide opportunities for all students to empower themselves and to become active citizens and to foster healthier communities .

For more Information’s: https://www.isfsports.org

*For more details related to ISF Academy:


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