MEET IKNS, new "School in Motion" accredited

At the end of 2023, the ISF Academy is launching a promising new "School in Motion" (SIM) project, aimed at schools worldwide. The labelling « SIM » is based on the promotion of the schools’ communities worldwide who wish to start or expand their commitment to sport, physical activity and international mobility for their pupils, teachers and staff.

The ISF Academy team went to meet Dr Kamal Abdel-Nour, President of the Ibn Khuldoon National School in Bahrain, who has just affiliated his school to the School in Motion (SIM) label.


What is the main ethos of your school ?

Ibn Khuldoon National school (IKNS) is a non-profit self-supporting institution that is dedicated to providing Bahraini and non-Bahraini students with a high quality internationally recognised education.

The school is coeducational from KG1 to Grade 12. It offers a bilingual program of study for the students throughout their years at IKNS. We are very proud of our students who can access both Arabic and English with ease and lucidity from an early stage of their lives. We are equally proud of the school’s achievements we accomplished, and are dedicated to continuing to enhance our curricula, facilities and services to serve our community of learners in the best way possible.

IKNS is authorized to offer three of the International Baccalaureate (IB) educational programs from KG1 to Grade 12. The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) is offered from KG1 to Grade 5. The IB Middle Years Program (MYP) is offered in Grades 6 to 10 and the IB Diploma Program (DP) in Grade 11 and 12. The school also offers the American High School Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12 as a parallel programme to the IBDP.

How much importance does your school place on physical education ?

IKNS follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, which focuses on the well-being of each student. The Physical Education courses we offer at IKNS encompass all aspects of the school experience and beyond, including physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social health and development. The inquiry-based curriculum encourages students to understand themselves better, develop and maintain positive relationships with others, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, IKNS offers various opportunities for active learning that promote the holistic nature of well-being.


Tell us more about projects led by the schools that are aimed at promoting health and well-being in young people

The extracurricular programs that IKNS offers for students are designed to create a healthy school climate that nurtures the student’s well-being. IKNS provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and talents.

These extracurricular activities include clubs, after-school activities, sports teams, and local and overseas field trips. Extracurricular activities are supported by the school’s physical facilities, including the IKNS Sports Complex.

After-school sports activities are offered in all three school divisions under the supervision of the Athletic Director(s). The athletic teams include tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, track and field and badminton.

In addition, several field trips are organized locally and overseas to enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities for developing skills, leaderships and community service. The annual Sports Day that IKNS organizes for KG, Elementary, Middle and Secondary students also builds positive relations among students and their teachers, contributing to the school spirit. In summary, IKNS provides and supports various extracurricular activities and programs that contribute to developing students’ emotional and social well-being.

How do you feel your school can benefit from the SIM project in future ?

The SIM project will encourage IKNS to vigorously promote sports and physical activities to enhance the students’ competitive spirit, which is a goal that aligns with the 2030 Bahrain Vision. It will also allow IKNS to be part of a worldwide movement that is focused on empowering students through participating in international sports events. The SIM project will provide international sports and educational opportunities as well as development for teachers and school leaders.


Share a brief message for school students around the world

Our message is in harmony with the school’s and IB philosophy : Empowering young people through sports reminds them of their common humanity, and the gatherings it creates help the world become a better and more peaceful place.

A specific message for all directors around the world linked to Physical Education and School Sport ?

We hope to see you this October in Bahrain , the world’s friendliest island. See you soon. -Dr Kamal Abdel-Nour, IKNS President

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