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ISF Unveils Solidarity Program 2024, Paving the Way for Equality

26 Feb, Lausanne, Switzerland – In a bold move towards promoting equality in school sports, the International School Sport Federation (ISF) has launched its Solidarity Program for 2024. This initiative aims to provide equal opportunities and support for student-athletes, breaking down barriers that may hinder their participation.

The ISF Solidarity Program is designed to advance and promote school sports in less developed countries, strategically aligning with the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI). Through targeted financial aid, ISF seeks to empower talented school athletes to pursue their passion for sports and reach their full potential, to foster diversity, equality, and the holistic development of young athlete, and to create a more inclusive and accessible landscape for school sports.

This year's ISF Solidarity Program will address 5 upcoming ISF events worldwide, with a total budget of €400,000. The program will be divided into three phases, offering financial support for event transportation and accommodation to eligible applicants.

As the Solidarity Program takes flight in 2024, the ISF invites member federations, athletes, and supporters of school sports to join hands in championing equality in school sports. Together, we aim to build a future where student-athletes have an equal opportunity to thrive, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

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