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ISF Young Reporters Program to be launched during World School Football Championship in Morocco

This year first generation of young media professionals to resonate on the global sports media scene!

The ISF International Federation is proud to announce the launch of its long-awaited youth journalism program, which will be held in Morocco for the first time. Programme will gather young school students aged 14-18 during the ISF World School Football Championship in Rabat. 

This event marks a great milestone both for young Moroccan students as well as for international ones joining the dynamic group and ISF Team. 

Primarily known as a federation organizing events for school students, the ISF is also investing a lot in educational events. Following modern trends and needs of new generation, a lot of emphasis is put into communication and modern communication channels. TO spread a word about the school sport, this program will educate and prepare creative and energetic young people around the world to promote ISF and sports values as well as reporting from different ISF events around the world. Sustainability of the programme is visible through the participants' continuous engagement by inviting them to join future ISF events and keep on developing their media skills internationally but working on their local level as well.

Thus, the Young Reporters Programme aims to provide a unique experience to young individuals who wish to explore the field of journalism, specifically focusing on sports reporting. It gives them the opportunity to improve their communication skills, foster creativity and gain practical experience through participation.

Throughout the program, young reporters will participate in a series of four carefully organized workshops led by the experts in sports journalism and creative media.

We are glad to announce our Experts Yomi Omogbeja, Noura Lamrani and Katarina Sindjelic.

Expert for Journalism workshop in Morocco, the African Athletics Media Journalist Yomi Omogbeja states to us that sports journalism has changed his life in many ways. His love of sports journalism began at University where he started volunteering for local radios stations producing vox pop and match summaries – in a first way to get free pass to the stadium to watch league matches on weekends. But finally, these activities opened many doors to him and became a full career, filled with travel and encounters with childhood heroes.

These workshops will cover a range of topics such as: sports reporting techniques, journalistic ethics, managing and creating content on social networks, interviewing skills and multimedia expression through filming and editing clips.

With three master’s degrees in Web Journalism, Olympic Studies and sports psychology and more than 20 years of experience in Journalism, Yomi Omogbeja wants to pass on his knowledge to the young reporters. Starting working and collaborating with ISF since 2018 in the Communication team at the WSC Cross Country in Paris, and the ISF Summer Gymnasiade in Morocco, he will host the School Sport Journalism & Media workshop for the brand-new program.

After the workshops, Program will enable participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills by reporting from various sporting events around the world. They’ll be able to put knowledge into practice already during the event they are participating at.

At the end of the ISF Young Reporters program, participants will receive a certificate confirming that they have successfully completed the Programme.

Read the Morocco event Programme  

This incredible opportunity opens the door for all aspiring journalists to creatively build their CV, acquire skills and find their career path in sports journalism.

This program is a great opportunity for young people to experience working in the media field and to build a rich portfolio, develop industry relevant skills and to gain necessary work experience and exposure”, Yomi Omogbeja

With a launch in Morocco, the young reporters' program will continue at the ISF U-15 Gymnasiade in Brazil in August and the ISF World School Futsal Championship in Serbia, for which the registration deadlines are 01.08.23 and 01.09.2023.

If you are a student aged 14 to 18, regardless of whether you have experience in journalism, whether you speak English well, if you are a sports enthusiast or athlete, a novice journalist, an ambitious content creator, we invite you to participate in this great program. Do not miss the opportunity to go on a journey through which you will discover many abilities thanks to which you will transform and make many friends with the same interests.

So seize this amazing opportunity to be part of the ISF YR Program and make your mark in the world of journalism !

Discover more with the bulletin of the programme here

This article is prepared by first generation of ISF Young Reporters

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